Lines 1.0 – Simple Responsive Publishing for Ruby on Rails

BY adam sandlar

A clear focus of LINES is responsiveness. Writing is complex and publishing is too. But we believe both must be possible wherever you are. We wanted to be able to write and publish anywhere, on any device. So everything about the blogging platform is responsive, from the writing tool to your article dashboard to the presentation your readers see.

Less Code is Better

No more legacy code: we slashed the original code of earlier LINES versions down to a fraction. In fact, Jochen and Max wrote the whole platform new, from scratch. Legacy code, however well-documented, can quickly turn into a bloated, heavy whale, especially if it’s just the base you want to build upon in your customizations. Nobody wants to carry whale around.


As far as features go, we stuck to the tried and true (everything we already had in LINES 0.x), but revised, improved, optimized:

  • Login- & Password Management
  • Multiple Author Management
  • RSS Feed integration
  • Feature Articles
  • Article Preview
  • Image Upload & Processing
  • Article Teasers
  • GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown)
  • Tags
  • Social Media Integration
  • Include Documents for Download
  • Code Syntax Highlighting

Get it

The sources and all the code is on GitHub.
Find the gem as a plugin on RubyGems. Head over to LINES to find out more.