Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism report

The most important thing your academic work needs is a detailed check against a large plagiarism database. Check your assignment and essays with us for no cost.


We've helped more than 5000 students identify potential plagiarism in their work.

1. Features

  • Most technically advanced

    Our program emphasises only the most possible plagiarism similarities. Usual terms and sentences are skipped along with the list of references.

  • Huge database of plagiarism

    The Plagiarism Checker compares the paper to more than 70 billion websites and 69 million academic publications.

  • Safe and stable

    Your paper is never added to our database. You can delete the document immediately after checking. Your paper will stay with you.

2. How does plagiarism report benefit you?

Your assignment needs to be completely plagiarism free before you submit in your portal. We provide by emailing you the plagiarism report within 30 mins after submit.

3. Detect all types of plagiarism

Complete analysis of all different types of plagiarism can be detected through our plagiarism checker tool.
Plagiarism detection is not really that difficult. It can happen that either the user notices a change in the style of writing and tone when reading an article or simply use a plagiarism detection tool.
It’s a very common practice among universities/colleges these days to check for a plagiarised article through a plagiarism detection tool like Turnitin. Turnitin is itself a leading company in plagiarism detection software.

4. How it works

Best free

5. Detailed plagiarism report using Turnitin

Turn it in

We provide our users with an in-depth plagiarism report. It highlights various important aspects such as WHAT has been plagiarised and from WHERE, thereby enabling our users to be equipped with the proper information & thus helping them better their content.



Sadly, you can't use Turnitin free of charge as a student. Turnitin only provides Universities and other institutions with its plagiarism prevention tools. When you are a university representative you should contact Turnitin's sales team.
Estudypal gives you a chance to generate your assignment plagiarism report for free which is acceptable in your university.
Students receive a complete report for this price which highlights the similarities in the text,
shows a percentage of plagiarism, and includes a list of the identified sources.
It is a form of fraud and hence it is immoral. Through taking other people's thoughts and words, and claiming they are your own, you misuse the intellectual property of someone else. Also, it is immoral as afterwards the plagiariser profits from this theft.
The plagiarism detection tools use search engines to search for duplicates of a work. In search engines, they divide a text into small chunks-phrases-then scan each one (the phrase). When a page has a similar text block then the sentence or phrase is likely to be plagiarised.
Free plagiarism checker tools are not free to use, because they do not include data submitted to their database with security and privacy guarantees.